Neuropathy Treatment in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

When the nerves are affected by neuropathy, you may experience a varying number of symptoms throughout the body. At Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic, we offer neuropathy treatment to the residents of Ocoee, Longwood and Orlando, FL.

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy, also called peripheral neuropathy, is a condition that affects the nerves in the peripheral nervous system. This condition typically develops due to damage to the nerves, such as that from injury, diabetes, or other trauma. Neuropathy can produce pain, numbness, tingling and related sensations in the body, but it most often affects the hands and feet. These symptoms can quickly become bothersome, leading many to pursue treatment. To help patients relieve the symptoms of neuropathy, Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic offers a number of treatment solutions.

How is Neuropathy Treated?

At Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic, your neuropathy treatment will depend on the severity and location of your symptoms. In some cases, self-care techniques and gentle therapies such as physical therapy can produce significant improvements in your symptoms. In more severe cases, we may recommend a more aggressive form of treatment, such as injections and blocks. These injections can block nerve signals that trigger pain and other sensations, allowing you to enjoy an immediate and noticeable reduction in symptoms that contributes to an improved quality of life.

What Can I Expect from Neuropathy Treatment?

The results from your neuropathy treatment will vary depending on the severity of your condition. Since neuropathy is a chronic condition, you may need to have additional treatments in order to maintain the relief of your symptoms. During your initial visit with one of our doctors, we will determine the best treatment technique for your situation and inform you of the results you can expect based on that treatment.

Are you suffering from peripheral neuropathy? Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic specializes in treating this and other pain conditions. If you are located in Ocoee, Longwood, Orlando or the surrounding areas of Florida, contact us today to schedule an appointment at our practice.