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Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic would like to reassure you, while we closely monitor the latest developments of COVID-19 with public health officials, we will continue to operate as normal.

Our medical staff are well-trained in safety procedures and follow the most current guidelines in the prevention of spread. We have implemented additional rigorous cleaning procedures and have set up extra hygiene stations in our reception areas and exam rooms for you to use when you come in for your appointment. The safety of our patients, associates, and the general public is our top priority.

As a reminder, the best prevention you can take includes washing your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, coughing into your elbow or a tissue, and limit unnecessary travel.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. If you are experiencing these symptoms, have a concern regarding international travel in the last month, or you have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19; please contact your primary care physician or the health department.

Thank you for choosing Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic for your interventional pain management needs. We are committed to protecting your safety while providing the highest quality of care at our offices.

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Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic


Many pain conditions, both chronic and acute, are difficult to completely cure. Unfortunately, this leaves many patients suffering through their pain, unable to perform their usual activities. At AIPC, we focus on managing pain through therapy and minimally invasive treatments so patients can enjoy living life free from pain. We recognize every patient is different, which is why we approach each one from a unique perspective, delivering a truly personalized treatment experience.

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Healing the Whole You

At Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic, our goal is to enhance your physical well-being and transform your perspective on pain.

Pain Services & Conditions in Orlando, FL


Living with pain doesn’t have to stop you from living your best life. Your body experiences pain because of signals that are sent throughout your major systems. Minimally invasive pain management procedures can stop those signals.

Pain Services & Conditions in Orlando, FL


Anxiety, depression, and feelings of sadness or fear can heighten when experiencing pain. Quickly targeting the source of your pain can diminish these feelings and help you return to your best life.

Pain Services & Conditions in Orlando, FL


When pain strikes, daily tasks feel like a burden and your outlook on life can diminish. Try reframing the way you look at your situation by accepting that things can get better. Take control of your life back with pain management treatments that work.

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  • Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic
    "Well let me tell you the front staff goes above and beyond to help you ,the MA ,PA's and both doctors are caring and professional. Thank you AIPC @ Semoran for doing a great job keep it up."

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Would you like to be in control of your pain so you can return to enjoying meaningful life activities? Not only do we have proven interventional pain management procedures that can help you get there, we also have lots of tips on how to start changing the conversation you have with yourself about your pain.