Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

If you are experiencing pain or weakness throughout the body, you may be low on vitamin D. Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic offers vitamin D testing and therapy to the residents of Orlando, Longwood and Ocoee, FL.

What is Vitamin D Testing & Therapy?

Vitamin D testing and therapy is our process for addressing a vitamin D deficiency. This process involves a simple test to determine if your body has a low supply of vitamin D. If vitamin D deficiency is found, we will be able to perform the necessary therapy to restore your vitamin D levels and eliminate the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency.

What is Vitamin D Testing & Therapy Used to Treat?

Vitamin D testing and therapy is used to combat a vitamin D deficiency. When you develop a vitamin D deficiency, you may experience pain and weakness in the muscles, as well as pain or weakening in the bones. A vitamin D deficiency can often contribute to osteoporosis, which can have severe effects if left untreated. By receiving vitamin D testing, and if needed, therapy, patients can restore their vitamin D levels to ensure that the body has everything it needs to function optimally and healthily.

What Can I Expect from Vitamin D Testing & Therapy?

The first part of vitamin D testing and therapy involves a simple blood test. The results from this test will tell us the amount of vitamin D in the body, determining whether or not therapy is needed. If therapy is necessary, we will perform intravenous therapy to restore the body’s vitamin D to the optimal levels. Patients can expect a fairly immediate improvement in their symptoms. However, we may recommend regular vitamin D therapies in order to help patients maintain healthy levels of vitamin D in the future. During your initial visit with one of our doctors, we will determine the best approach for your vitamin D therapy and tell you what you can expect from your treatment.

A vitamin D deficiency can cause many symptoms, but the solution is simple. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for vitamin D testing and therapy. Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic welcomes patients from Longwood, Orlando, Ocoee and surrounding Florida areas.