Sympathetic Nerve Block in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

The sympathetic nerves are found throughout the spine and can cause a range of symptoms if they are damaged or irritated. Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic offers sympathetic nerve block services to help patients find relief from pain involving the sympathetic nerves. We proudly serve the residents of Longwood, Ocoee and Orlando, FL.

What is a Sympathetic Nerve Block?

A sympathetic nerve block is a nerve block technique that is used to interrupt nerve signals along the sympathetic nerves. This is done by injecting both a local anesthetic and a steroid medication into the sympathetic nerves. These nerves are found all along the spine. Damage or inflammation to these nerves can cause significant pain in the stomach, back and surrounding areas, which often makes it difficult for patients to perform their normal activities comfortably. Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic offers sympathetic nerve block treatments to help patients find relief from conditions that cause this pain.

What is a Sympathetic Nerve Block Used to Treat?

The sympathetic nerve block treatment is most often used to treat complex regional pain syndrome and other forms of chronic pain that may affect the stomach or back. The sympathetic nerve block will block pain signals from being transmitted through these nerves, providing patients with immediate and often long-lasting relief.

What Can I Expect from a Sympathetic Nerve Block?

During the sympathetic nerve block treatment, a small needle is inserted into the sympathetic nerves where pain is originating. We will ensure that you are adequately numbed for this process. Once the needle is in place, the local anesthetic and steroid medication is injected directly into the group of nerves. The local anesthetic will provide immediate relief, although it will only last for a few hours. Pain may return briefly, but the steroid medication should take effect within a few days, producing the full results of treatment. You will need someone to drive you home after your procedure. During your initial visit with one of our doctors, we will determine the best approach for your sympathetic nerve block treatment and tell you what you can expect from your treatment.

Are you experiencing pain in the back or stomach? Contact us today to find out if sympathetic nerve blocks can help you find lasting relief. At Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic, we offer this treatment to patients living in Ocoee, Orlando, Longwood and the neighboring Florida areas.