Our Patient Testimonials

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“I used opiates to eliminate the pain in my back and body that was caused by a herniated L4 vertebrae and a bulging L5. Using them, I believed that meds were the only solution to a permanent problem. After years of taking these medications, which over time became less effective, I went to Padmaja R .Yatham, MD for treatment. Padmaja R .Yatham, MD and her ENTIRE staff are amazing. With the help of AIPC I am completely off the opiates. The suboxone and injection treatments have given me my life, happiness, confidence, energy, and drive back. I am forever in their debt.” -Sean

“A few years ago I was on the brink of losing my battle with chronic pain. My condition was brought on by a very complex disease. I had all but given up hope until I met the doctors at the Prospira PainCare Center. One of these doctors is Doctor Tatyana Stepanenko with the Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic. Her professionalism is only matched by her empathy. What I appreciate about her is she does not rely on opioids as the first line of defense in treating chronic pain. She has many tools at her disposal but epidurals have been a game changer for me. I have had many epidurals and not once did I have a bad experience with her. Thank you Dr. Stepanenko. I also want to pay respect to all the employees of AIPC. I have yet to experience disrespect or any kind of dehumanization. They have been professional and quite empathetic. I highly recommend Dr. Stepanenko at AIPC if your serious about getting your chronic pain under control.” -David

“Dr. Lassalle was extremely thorough and knowledgeable and did not rush as we described my Mother’s all-over body pain. I would highly recommend Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic. The staff is friendly, efficient and Alexandria was extremely friendly, patient and kind. I am so happy to finally have some pain relief for my Mom.” -Robin

“I love this clinic the staff is awsome I love the way they treat you and especially all the doctors there they are also awsome they helped me for 4 years and not even one complaint they understand your pain and they comfort you right away the girls from the front desk I love you all very professional and lovely with everything that you girls do I especially love my doctor ‘ LaSalle ‘Thank you for taking care of me.” -Miriam

“Everything has been pretty good so far i have no issues you guys take care of the problem in a timely manor. I have no complaints front desk is awesome Dr.’s are great staff is just great.” -Candice

“Most always the staff is very thoughtful and caring and do their job proficiently. Dr. Quiles is very helpful and patient with my needs he’s a great doctor. Lillie is a great MA.” -Karen

“They take very good care of me. They are always very friendly and professional! Jacqueline, Marie and Jesse are awesome! They always have a smile on their faces no matter how busy they may be! All the nurses male and female are great! They always treat me with the upmost respect and that means a lot to those of us that live in pain on a daily basis. Thank you advance intervention all for everything!!! They works so very hard to take care of us all and I thank you!!” -Sha’

“To walk in and see lillie and Jessie smiling and cheerful the second i come in is the cherry on top of the cake. Purvi is amazing, me and my mother look forward to seeing her when we come in. My medical assistant was Lloyd and he as well was awesome always so swift in getting us back. Jared is usually the person that checks me out and he is amazing as well. Thank you AIPC you guys are truly awesome.” -Cindy