Osteoporosis Treatment in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

Osteoporosis is a serious disease that causes the bones to weaken dramatically. This can put you at risk of injury, and you may experience pain and other symptoms. Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic offers treatment for osteoporosis to the men and women living in Orlando, Ocoee and Longwood, FL.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes the bones to become weak and brittle. Normally, the body absorbs and replaces bone tissue over time. With osteoporosis, the body is unable to replace bone tissue as fast as it disappears. As this continues, the bones become increasingly weak and porous. As osteoporosis worsens, you may experience an increase in broken or weak bones that contributes to a variety of symptoms, including pain. To help patients relieve the symptoms of osteoporosis, Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic offers a number of treatment solutions.

How is Osteoporosis Treated?

At Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic, your osteoporosis treatment will depend on the severity and location of your symptoms. In some cases, self-care techniques, changes in diet, and medications can produce significant improvements in your symptoms. If you develop severe or chronic pain due to osteoporosis, we may recommend injections and blocks to manage these symptoms. Most treatments are focused on strengthening the bones or slowing the progression of the disease.

What Can I Expect from Osteoporosis Treatment?

The results from your osteoporosis treatment will vary depending on the severity of your condition. Since osteoporosis is a chronic condition, you may need to have additional treatments in order to maintain the relief of your symptoms. During your initial visit with one of our doctors, we will determine the best treatment technique for your situation and inform you of the results you can expect based on that treatment.

If you have developed osteoporosis, contact us today to schedule an appointment at Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic and determine the treatment method that is best for you. We welcome patients from Orlando, Ocoee, Longwood, and the neighboring communities of Florida.