Interventional Pain Management in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

Interventional pain management is an approach to pain management treatment that involves blocking pain by preventing nerve signals from reaching the brain. Pain is felt when the nerves transmit a signal from the source of the pain all the way to the brain.

Using advanced techniques that include injections, radiofrequency energy or implantable devices, we are able to block these nerve signals. As a result, patients can enjoy an immediate reduction in pain. This allows patients to resume their normal activities with significantly improved comfort, and may also help them participate in other forms of therapy to aid in their treatment.

When is Interventional Pain Management Necessary?

Interventional pain management may be an option for anyone who is experiencing pain on a regular basis. Many patients choose to try self-help techniques before pursuing treatment. However, patients who are in severe pain or have been suffering from pain for a few months may want to consider interventional pain management treatment.

Interventional pain management is often ideal for patients who suffer from chronic pain conditions, as it is the most effective way to achieve relief. If you are unsure if interventional pain management is right for you, you can schedule an appointment with us to discuss your needs with one of our doctors.

Are you suffering from pain? It may be time to consider interventional pain management at Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic. We welcome patients from Orlando, Ocoee, Longwood, and the nearby areas of Florida. To learn more or to schedule your appointment, contact us today.