Relaxation Techniques & Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for Pain Management

One way to deal with chronic, acute, or intractable pain is to learn relaxation techniques for natural pain relief. Additionally, various psychotherapy techniques can help. There are several psychotherapeutic techniques that can be used for effective pain management.

A few ways to treat pain with psychotherapy include:

There is an abundant amount of evidence concluding that the use of psychotherapy pain management techniques prove beneficial for patients. The type of therapy used, however, will be determined by one of our trained doctors at Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic. A consultation appointment at one of our locations in Florida (Orlando, Ocoee, and Longwood) is the first step.

Relaxation Techniques for Pain Management

stretching and relaxationRelaxation techniques for pain management are also successful at helping patients deal with pain. In fact, relaxation training is an important part of successful cognitive behavioral therapy. Our doctors will teach patients:

  • deep breathing exercises.
  • stretch-based relaxation techniques.
  • muscle relaxation exercises.
  • autogenic training.

Learning Relaxation Strategies & Exercises

By learning relaxation strategies and exercises, patients are better equipped to handle pain and symptoms.

Feeling relaxed is a very important part of successful pain management and recovery.

meditationIt may take practice at first, but patients love the outcome—the sense of control patients feel over chronic, acute, and intractable pain. Relaxation techniques also help patients to:

  • calm the mind.
  • relax the muscles.
  • elevate the patient’s well-being.
  • decrease levels of stress.
  • decrease levels of pain.

If you are interested in learning more about relaxation therapy and psychotherapy to reduce pain, call the pain clinics of Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic. We have several convenient locations throughout Florida. Find a location near you.