Purvi Amin

Purvi Amin is a Physician Assistant at Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic, and has been practicing for over a year. She loves knowing that she made a difference in her patients’ lives.

She received her undergraduate degree from Clemson University, and her PA degree from the Medical College of Georgia—Physician Assistant Program.

When she’s not busy helping her patients at Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic, she enjoys singing, dancing, watching movies, and playing tennis.

Here are a few more fun facts about Purvi:

  • She was born in Columbia, SC.
  • She has a supportive and caring family.
  • If she wasn’t a PA, she would travel.
  • She lived in several places including: South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.
  • She speaks Gujarati, Hindi, and English.
  • Her favorite subject in school: Microbiology.
  • Her least favorite subjects in school: Calculus and Physics.
  • If she could change one thing about the world, she would fix corruption.

You will be very happy that Purvi is your PA because she finds it very rewarding to have her patients give positive feedback regarding the excellent care she provides. She enjoys doing procedures to help her patients become pain free.