Injections for Pain Management

pain management injections

Injection treatment for pain management can be successful for certain patients dealing with back pain, spinal cord issues, and other conditions. Typically a steroid and a numbing medicine are used.

Injection Treatment Options to Minimize Pain

There are certain injections which provide pain relief for those suffering from acute, chronic, or intractable pain. These include:

  • ✓ acupuncture injection therapy
  • ✓ epidural injections
  • ✓ nerve block injections
  • ✓ facet block injections
  • ✓ sacroiliac joint (SI) injections
  • ✓ cortisone injections
  • ✓ trigger point injections
  • ✓ lumbar epidural steroid injections

Injection Therapy May Be Helpful

For patients suffering from radicular pain (leg pain or sciatica) or spinal stenosis (two major back pain issues), injection therapy may be helpful. There are other instances and conditions relating to back pain that may be relieved by using injections, as well.

Therapeutic injections for managing pain are not for everyone. After a thorough evaluation, our doctors will determine if injection treatment is right for you. If it is, specific pain medications will be administered via injections, which include discography, nerve block, and epidural.

There are certain risks and side effects that could occur, and our doctors will discuss these with you. Our doctors will also discuss the customized treatment plan, which includes the frequency of injections (based on a patient’s case). Injections can take the pain away, but usually not for the long run. Therefore, some patients may require more rounds of injections than other patients.

Choose Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic for Successful Pain Management with Injections

If you are suffering from acute, intractable, or chronic pain and you need a solution quickly, call us. We have several locations in Florida, and can determine if injections are the best pain management method for your case.

Our doctors will be happy to meet you and to complete a thorough evaluation at your consultation appointment. We will determine if injections are right for you, so call us today.