? What is Interventional Pain Management?

The phrase, “Interventional pain management includes the diagnosis and treatment of pain and related disorders by applying techniques that directly interact with the structures mediating the pain.

Interventional pain management is different from regular pain management in that it incorporates “combination therapy”. This means that each patient will be treated according to their condition and situation and will not just be treated with a prescription. Interventions are used to attack the pain at the site and really figure out what is causing the pain. An intervention may be anything from medications, to therapy, to injections, to surgery.

? Is there anyone who can explain things to me in Spanish?

Yes, all of our medical assistants speak fluent Spanish and can easily translate for the doctor. If you need to make an appointment we also have an appointment coordinator who speaks fluent Spanish.

? What do I need to bring to my 1st appointment?

When you come to your first appointment please be 15 minutes early and bring the following:

  • Any diagnostic reports (MRI, CT Scan, X-Rays)…if you have the films bring them too. We will return them to you.
  • Insurance cards and Photo ID
  • The name and number of your primary care physician and the referring physician if you have one.
  • If we are treating your injury due to an auto accident or injury that occurred at work please bring your claim number, adjuster’s name and phone number, attorney’s name and phone number, and any Workers’ comp or auto insurance information.

If you would like to fill out your “New Patient forms” before coming in please click on the “Forms and Appointment Information” icon on our site and download your packet.

? I am coming in for an NCV/EMG test. What do I need to do to prepare?

  • Please be on time. This appointment will take about 1 hour
  • Do not use any lotion on the parts of your body being tested
  • If you are having a “lower NCV” please bring or wear a pair of shorts as the medical staff will be working with your legs.
  • For more information about your NCV, click on the Services icon on our site and click on NCV.

? I am coming in for a LESI or a CESI can I go to work right after?

After your procedure is completed we ask that you sit and wait 15 min before operating your vehicle. Please do not do anything strenuous for the rest of the day. We are happy to write you a doctor’s note if needed.

? I am coming in for a Rhizotomy or a FACET do I need a driver?

Please have someone drive you home after the procedure is complete. We ask that you not ride public transportation and do not do anything strenuous for the rest of the day. We are happy to write you a doctor’s note if needed.

? I’m afraid the injections will hurt worse than my pain. Are they necessary?

Injections are sometimes, not always necessary for you to receive pain relief. In no way will the doctor proceed with treatments that will hurt worse than your current pain. If injections are necessary you will be well versed in the procedure before it’s preformed. The doctor and staff will make sure you are comfortable before they do anything. Check out our “Patient Education” section and for information on all our procedures.

? Should I expect to receive an injection at my first appointment?

You will not receive an injection at your first appointment. The purpose of your first appointment is to assess your medical history, perform a physical exam of your condition, and decide the plan of treatment best for you. If an injection is necessary, you will be given information and one will be scheduled for you.

? What can I do if I’ve become addicted to my pain medications?

Padmaja Yatham, MD takes a firm stance when it comes to addictions to pain medications. For those patients who come to her already addicted and are ready to break free from addiction, Padmaja Yatham, MD offers Suboxone treatments.

If Padmaja Yatham, MD prescribed narcotics to you and she feels that you are becoming dependent on the medication she will wean you off and change your course of treatment to protect you from addiction.

? I am interested in the Spinal Cord Stimulator to help control my pain. Does AIPC do that?

AIPC will educate you on the stimulator and if Padmaja Yatham, MD feels this is your best option for pain management she will personally implement your trial here in the office. If you are pleased with the results of your trial she will then refer you to an excellent Neuro-surgeon who will permanently implant the stimulator. For more information about the Spinal Cord Stimulators, click on the Services icon on our site and click on Spinal Cord Stimulator.

? Can I speak with the doctor over the phone if I have an issue between my appointments?

If you have a question or need immediate advice feel free to call our office. If the doctor is not available, and the medical assistant cannot help you, the doctor will return your call that day.

? I’ve been to pain management before, it didn’t help, how is Padmaja Yatham, MD different?

Padmaja Yatham, MD is an anesthesiologist who did her fellowship in Pain Management. This means she has extensive training dealing with the nerves, discs, and joints in the back and has extra training in keeping patients comfortable. Her entire career has been focused on the cause and treatment of pain in all areas of the body.