Conservative Pain Care

When faced with neck and back pain, a lot of patients want to avoid surgery at all costs. Well, how else would you fix acute or chronic pain without surgery or addictive pain medications?

The answer: Exactly how Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic fixes acute or chronic pain—with conservative, minimally invasive pain management.

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Why Choose Conservative Pain Care?

Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic offers conservative pain techniques to our patients. In this instance, “conservative” refers to services that are non-surgical in nature and much less invasive than surgery.

Our services can:

  • minimize pain and/or spasms.
  • provide conditioning and rehabilitation services for the area in pain.
  • manage issues associated with certain conditions (i.e. sleeplessness due to intense back pain).

Our doctors will determine the right length of time for conservative treatment depending on each patient’s needs. With this approach, our doctors may recommend holistic pain management, which includes:

  • physical therapy.
  • medication (non-addictive).
  • injections.
  • at-home conservative treatment (i.e. applying ice and heat, bed rest, exercise, etc).

We keep your overall well-being in mind when treating pain.

Surgery is the last resort as far as we are concerned.

We understand that some people out there view surgery as a “quick fix” to acute back pain. That is not our philosophy, however. Surgery can lead to unwanted side effects as well as certain health risks, and oftentimes, surgery is not necessary.

What we do is different. Our doctors create a customized plan to treat pain naturally—without surgery or addicting narcotics.

Furthermore, we care about you as a person, which is why we also offer lifestyle management. Patients who choose lifestyle management will learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices to minimize pain and to live comfortably.

Choosing Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic in Florida for Pain Relief

If you are looking for non-surgical pain relief, call Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic today. If you are interested to know whether or not conservative pain care is right for you, call us today. We have several clinics conveniently located in Florida. Call us today for a consultation appointment with one of our experienced doctors.