Diagnostic Nerve Block in Orlando, FL & All Our Locations

If you are experiencing pain, but are unsure of the cause, we may recommend a diagnostic nerve block to treat your symptoms. Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic offers this service and other pain management solutions to the residents of Orlando, Ocoee and Longwood, FL.

What is a Diagnostic Nerve Block?

A diagnostic nerve block is a nerve block technique that is used to diagnose the source of the pain that a patient is experiencing. During a diagnostic nerve block treatment, a local anesthetic is injected into a group of nerves believed to be the source of pain. If the patient experiences relief after the injection, it will affirm that the nerves are the source of the pain. This will enable us to recommend a treatment that provides long-term relief.  Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic offers diagnostic nerve block treatments to help patients determine the source of their pain and find an effective treatment solution.

What is a Diagnostic Nerve Block Used to Treat?

The diagnostic nerve block treatment is used purely as a diagnostic technique. We use this treatment to identify the source of a patient’s pain so that we are able to recommend an effective treatment method for long-term pain management. Diagnostic nerve blocks can be used to pinpoint the source of numerous chronic pain conditions, including back pain, neck pain, complex regional pain syndrome and more. The diagnostic nerve block injection will provide immediate relief when injected into the area causing the pain.

What Can I Expect from a Diagnostic Nerve Block?

During the diagnostic nerve block treatment, a small needle is inserted into the group of nerves where we believe pain might be originating. We will ensure that you are adequately numbed for this process. Once the needle is in place, the local anesthetic is injected directly into the group of nerves. If the injection is placed in the area responsible for your pain, it will provide immediate relief. This relief will only last a few hours, but it will enable us to identify the source of your pain and determine a long-term treatment solution.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment for a diagnostic nerve block. Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic offers this and other pain management services to the men and women living in Orlando, Ocoee, Longwood and the surrounding Florida areas.